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I’ve Waited 35 Years For You

Ann Elizabeth and Chris Thoo

Never could I have imagined finding someone like Ann to be my soulmate for life. Someone who will always be there for me, giving unconditional love and care to me and sharing happiness and perverted funny jokes as if we’re best friends since forever.

I am thankful that she’s the one and I guess anyone who has yet to know her can very well guess from the video below how incredibly fun and loving she can be as a soulmate.

Thank you, Ann Elizabeth Lee for choosing me as your lawfully wedded husband. Thank you for believing in me and giving your very best to our relationship. It was certainly a worthy 35 years of wait and you were that missing piece of the puzzle that I’ve always been trying to complete. This post is just one of the many wonderful memories that we have. And I could still remember how tiring but fun moments that we had, when we were taking our pre-wedding photographs. I have so many beautiful first-time experiences with you.

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