About me

Yea it’s me, Chris Thoo…

You’re looking at someone who’s finally starting blogging again after almost a decade. So I’m officially dedicating this blog to my wife and baby son – Ann and baby Yang, because they are my newfound reasons why I should be much better as a person – as a son, a brother, a husband and a father (Level 999 upgrade!).

Chris Thoo

Ok, the photo was taken in 2015 and was obviously taken in an angle that made me looks good.


I currently run a business, Prolific Scope Sdn Bhd that sells digital platforms to people who believe in the world of Internet. I only work with honest people and based on the bad experience working with liars and fucked-up unreasonable clients, I’ll walk away from anyone who misuse my professional trust.

The Corporate Life

I’ve worked in corporate companies such as Standard Chartered Malaysia and Hewlett-Packard Malaysia. I’ve worked in several creative agencies and also undergo a Hell’s Kitchen-like event company with my brother, Alan as a younger version of Gordan Ramsay. Working in my brother’s company gave me extremely good training that contributed to many things I’m good at currently. I was also invited by the directors of Visiber Sdn Bhd to join the Visiber Group of Companies as one of the directors in Trident Shield Sdn Bhd that was formed to assist all other group companies for IT and Web Development.

Chris Thoo Hewlett Packard MalaysiaDays as Technical Consultant in Hewlett-Packard Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Chris Thoo, Baki Zainal, Alan Thoo and Juliana Ibrahim
Days as Creative Manager in Event Plus Marketing Sdn Bhd

Visiber Chris Thoo
Days in Visiber Sdn Bhd as Creative Director for Trident Shield Sdn Bhd

The Love Of My Life

Meeting Ann was one of the greatest join in my life. She’s a best friend, a loving girlfriend turned loving wife and definitely someone who made me a better person than I ever was.

Ann Elizabeth Lee and Chris Thoo

My Family

As of 2018, we’ve been blessed with Baby Yang. It’s definitely a level-up in life when you have a small family of your own to start with; at least it’s really precious for me. My love for my wife, Ann is priceless and never-ending, knowing what she had to endure for being pregnant for 9 months till the day she went through her first experience of giving birth to our beautiful boy.

My Family

Our Loved Ones

Words can never be enough to shower our loved ones with joy and happiness for sharing with our life journey together. All your priceless support and love made both of us who we are today.

Our Family

Our Family

Our Family

Our Family

Our Family

The Future

I honestly don’t know what future lies ahead but I’m pretty excited to embrace what’s coming and I’m definitely giving it my best to create a good future not only for myself but for my family.

The nearly 4 times of decades in my life gave me a lot of insights in life and if you’re asking me how I feel about them…they’re worth it.

I’m usually someone who cherishes all moments in my life…even the bad ones.

I mean, who wouldn’t? They say it’s the bad ones that teach you valuable lessons so you’ll never fuck up repeat them again. Well, once bitten, twice shy and the third and onwards makes you wonder why…why are you such a sohai silly guy?